“A Walk Through Falmouth’s Past” Ceramic Art Exhibit–May 8 through June 11, 2015

A Walk Through Falmouth’s Past,” an exhibition featuring works by ceramic art students from Falmouth High School, will be on view in the Cultural Center from May 8 to June 11.  The show is the result of collaboration between the students and Falmouth Historical Society. Last winter, 40 Ceramics II students and 15 Ceramics III students visited Museums on the Green and met with staff and volunteers to learn more about significant periods of Falmouth’s past, such as Wampanoag culture, the whaling industry, and the Victorian era, to name a few. The goal was to further educate the students about their town, while also providing artistic inspiration for learning new ceramics techniques. The project is funded by a grant from Falmouth Education Foundation awarded to FHS ceramics art instructor Corine Adams.whale teapot

The Ceramics II students learned how to make ceramic teapots and tea cups using the potter’s wheel, each portraying the historical era of their choosing. Ceramics III students created a large garden totem composed of 15 individual pieces, also reflective of a chosen time in history, and, using the potter’s wheel, created the base for the totem piece. The students constructed a unique three-dimensional design which will withstand the elements for permanent outdoor display in the Museum’s Memorial Park, to serve as an interactive scavenger hunt for youngsters to learn and discover more about local history.