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Logs, Maritime, and Genealogy

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Katharine Lee Bates Manuscript Collection

Residential Falmouth, 1897

Hotels & Inns of Falmouth, by Arnold Dyer 1993


Katharine Lee Bates Age 41 Professor at Wellesley College


Read about the poet and her most famous work.

Katharine Lee Bates describes how she wrote America The Beautiful    Bates was asked countless times to explain what inspired her poem.  This is her reply.

An Autobiography in Brief of Katharine Lee Bates, 1930.   A short summary of the poet’s life, in her own words.



ca 1900 Hewins, W.H. town clerk 1998porh27

Hewins’ Falmouth in 1850, annotated

W.H. Hewins was town clerk from 1884 to 1934.  At age 84, he set down his memories of how the town looked in his boyhood.  Let him show you the contrast between 1850 and 1924.  (With annotations including many current street addresses.)



1975 Clarence Anderson_Map of Early Falmouth

At left is a reconstruction of the layout of Falmouth village circa 1700, as drawn by Clarence Anderson in 1975.

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Falmouth Village 1880

Falmouth Village ca 1910



Silas Jones photograph


Third Mate Silas Jones found himself in command of the whaler Awashonks when Pacific Islanders killed the captain and first and second mates.  Read about the most famous episode of Falmouth maritime history, and how Silas saved the day.

Ambush on the Awashonks, 1833