July 30: Harm de Blij, “Why Geography Matters”

  • Tuesday, July 30th, 7:00 pm: Lecture: Harm de Blij, author of “Why Geography Matters

In recent years our world has seen transformations of all kinds: intense climate change accompanied by significant weather extremes; deadly tsunamis caused by submarine earthquakes; unprecedented terrorist attacks; costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; a terrible and overlooked conflict in Equatorial Africa costing millions of lives; an economic crisis threatening the stability of the international system. Is there some way we can get our minds around these disparate global upheavals, to grasp these events and their interconnections, and place our turbulent world in a more understandable light? Acclaimed author Harm de Blij answers this question with one word: geography. He also argues that the US has become geographically illiterate, and that this trend must change.