Stephen Brumwell lecture: “George Washington: Gentleman Warrior”, Oct. 17, 11 am

Thursday, October 17th, 11 am:

Author Stephen Brumwell discusses his latest book, “George Washington: Gentleman Warrior”.


Award-winning British author and historian Stephen Brumwell comes to Falmouth to discuss his research on the man who was voted “Britain’s Greatest Foe”. Brumwell’s book has won the prestigious George Washington Book Award for 2013. In it, he shows a sometimes overlooked side of Washington—the feisty young frontier officer and the tough commander of the ragtag revolutionary Continental army.  Washington ironically also relied upon English models of ‘gentlemanly’ behavior and British military organization to forge an army and to establish his leadership of it. Brumwell paints a fresh picture of a man who fused this gentlemanly behavior and warrior leader to ultimately lead his army to victory.