Wednesday, July 22, 7 pm: Lecture: Alan Driscoll: “War Dogs”

War Dogs have been a part of this country’s military since the early days of World War II.  Unfortunately, the general public knows very little about either their history or the sacrifices and contributions they have made on behalf of the United States.  War Dogs have been responsible for saving thousands of soldier’s lives and the protection of millions of dollars of critical equipment.  In many cases the deeds of these K9 partners are only remembered by their handlers and will, in most cases, be lost to future history.

Mr. Driscoll—one of the first canine handlers in Vietnam and President of “K9s of the War on Terror”,  will illustrate the history of America’s War Dogs from their initial service as part of an American Kennel Club effort to create a “Dog Program” for the military and will trace the development of this capability from that point up to today’s highly-developed dog program managed by the U.S. Air Force.  Along the way the War Dog has been both rewarded for his exploits and been relegated to the status of a piece of equipment that was euthanized when no longer needed.  The current status of the War Dog will also be explained.