Exhibits at the Museums on the Green


Here are some of the exhibitions planned for the 2014 visitation season:

Circa 1870-The Victorian Age in Falmouth

July 14 – October 11, 2014Falmouth_Gould Family playing Croquet

With the arrival of rail travel to Falmouth in the 1870s, the town experienced a jump in tourism.  Wealthy Bostonians and New Yorkers flooded to Cape Cod for the scenery and the fresh air.  The Victorian era marks the beginnings of Falmouth’s present day role as a summer holiday destination.  Featuring everything from hair crimpers to bloomers, this exhibition highlights items from the Museum’s vast Victorian collection featuring exquisite clothing, furniture, and decorative items.  Come see how Cape Codders—tourists and locals alike—lived in the late 1800s and early 1900s.



May 15 – September 15, 2014Falmouth_Braddock Dimmick House 

In our annual collaboration with the Falmouth High School Ceramics Program, this exhibition celebrates the hidden stories found in Falmouth’s historic architecture.  Ceramics students researched a Falmouth building and created a birdhouse inspired by the architectural, historical, and/or cultural significance of the house.  The birdhouses will be on display outside each building, where passersby can see and read about the houses’ stories.  A walking tour brochure, complete with map and descriptions, will be available at both the Museum and the Chamber of Commerce.

Voice of the Tide: The Life and Times of Katharine Lee Bates

Falmouth’s most famous daughter, Katharine Lee Bates, is most well known for her poem “America the Beautiful”. Through ephemera, childhood writings, photographs and more, this exhibit provides an introduction to the woman behind the poem–a spunky, passionate, patriotic intellectual. In her life as a writer, editor and teacher at Wellesley College, she carved out her own path–one that was surprising and unorthodox for a woman of her time.



Whaling Exhibits

Falmouth was a whaling port from 1820 to 1864. During that period, thirteen whaleships sailed from Falmouth for at least 51 voyages. Whaling dominated the town’s economy for much of the 19th century, shifting it away from a predominantly agricultural economy. This exhibition celebrates Falmouth’s whaling men and women with their souvenirs and tales of adventure & exotic places.



We invited different visual artists to the Museum, with free reign over our vaults and storage areas to create an exhibit that interprets the Museum’s collection and/or the local history of the town.  Each artist brings their own work, aesthetic and interest to our collections, inevitably leading to dynamic discoveries by presenting our objects in new, surprising contexts

We are also hosting a tea with each artist.  Please join Museum staff, members, friends and the artist for an afternoon of tea and tasty goodies as we talk art, history, and the mixing/matching of the two.  FREE ADMISSION.

Jenny Fragosa

September 5 – October 11, 2014

Tea with Jenny Fragosa:  Saturday, September 6, 1-3 pm Free Admission

We can’t wait to see what Mashpee artist Jenny Fragosa will create in response to our collections.  Working primarily as a printmaker and painter, she uses any media she can get her hands on to create.  Visual imagery derived from her life, experiences, and emotions appears and disappears in her mark making.  What will a trip through our vaults inspire her to create?